Dimitry Tetin


Traverse—Design & Reflection in Public Spaces

My work operates in the area between perception and experience of place and explores what it means to traverse public spaces on foot, in the imagination, or via the internet.

My understanding of public spaces, and the overlapping narratives connected to them, is informed through close observation of their expressive values, historical research, informal mappings and reading literary critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin, historian Michel deCerteau, anthropologist Marc Augé and land artist Robert Smithson.

I guide movement along these spaces through photography, text, motion-based design and 3-D imagery. I ground my work at the intersection of physical location, contemporary technology and the limitless possibilities of imaginary travel. I use the tools of graphic design to manipulate a wide range of intellectual and visual lenses to give form to what defines our relationship to location, place and space in the contemporary context.