Jessica Greenfield

Tactile Exchange

Most graphic design work today is made while the body remains static, staring into a computer screen. The mouse and keyboard give no sensory input to guide the hands; in return, the computer takes very little input from the body. Gesture — motion deeply encoded with human identity — is lost.

Tactile Exchange is an approach to graphic design that reintroduces the human body as a design tool. Without reverting exclusively to outdated processes or craft traditions, my approach combines analog and digital modes to create unique hybrid tools and methods. These methods embrace the natural gestural capacity of the human body in conjunction with new media. I employ mark making and shifts in scale to make the body visually evident through handwriting, performative typography, letterpress, and alternative photographic processes. I celebrate the active movement of my own body and the opportunity for intuition and surprise afforded by tactile exchange.  

This work emerges from my deep love of printmaking's tactility and physical scale, and a desire to reinterpret that process within graphic design. These experiments offer an alternative methodology for graphic designers to embrace the human body as an expressive tool.