Mat Stevens

Definitively Indefinite, or In Pursuit of Logical Questions

The work contained in this thesis reveals two distinct categories: comparisons and combinations. The first half showcases how I allow opposites to play a role in my work. I examine how two sides differ and also interact to create new ideas. This volley between points is a prolific place from which to design. Through comparisons and contrasts, I am able to make work that offers stereoscopic as well as multiple points of views.

The second half of my thesis presents my work in the “between.” Through visual experimentation with paradoxes, feedback loops, juxtapositions, and optical illusions, I combine different elements in the attempt to ask more questions rather than find answers. The multistability in these projects toys with the ambiguity of interpretation, an openness that excites me the most.

This thesis process reveals a method of ideation, a fruitful way to generate form and, at the same time, opens a rich interpretive space for others through graphic design.