Lynn Kiang

CUT+RUN: Video Graphic Design activates the medium of video as the persuasive and ubiquitous container for communicating messages in a graphic design practice. It is an examination of the medium itself—in its formal and conceptual representation of experience—through a deliberate design methodology. With increased accessibility to digital technology and portable, screen-based media, video can be viewed anywhere by anyone. It is hyper-fidelic in representation and employs the contemporary currency of communication: sound and language, image and movement, time and sequence, narrative and experience. My body of work investigates how graphic designers can expand their practice with video and create meaningful, multi-channel messages.

This thesis gives form to extensive research through a systematic survey of video experiments—short documentaries, experimental montage, multi-screen projections, installation, stop-motion animation, and motion graphics. These projects unearth a process by which our stories and fleeting moments are not only collected, but also how they can be disassociated and remixed to create something new. Through both visual and literary research, I propose four theoretical models that frame video within the context of graphic design: Narratives book as video, Informatives information as video, Exploratives collage as video, and Simulatives installation as video. This new theory frames not only this body of work, but establishes a shared grammar for graphic designers to participate in this emergent field in thoughtful and intentional ways.