Sara Raffo

Probability Cloud

The ability to articulate our processes and intentions, recognize alternatives, and be open to critique is increasingly important in defining the limits of design and working with interdisciplinary partners. To be aware of process as phenomena opens our work to the complexity of the world.

Using graphic design as a lens and a laboratory, this thesis presents a series of experiments that use the tools of open-ended research, precise observation, and responsive form making. Paired with these tools are processes that actively seek to make the implicit in design process explicit.

These experiments honor emergence and result in formations of visual, tactile, scientific, and linguistic data expressed in living structures that exist on the edge of chaos. They allow something new to come into the world while simultaneously admitting the transience of form. They are a set of permeable layers, a series of interconnected spaces, a collection of fragmentary truths, a cross section, a frame, a part of the whole.

This thesis offers a way of looking at the world, a method of creating solutions with modular growing parts, and an exploration of incorporating processes from other fields. It is a personal design practice, a teaching method, and a collaborative tool.

I welcome the unanticipated, contradictory, complex — and the invisibility of the everyday, the limitations of seeing, the edges of knowledge.